NYFW SS20: Area

SELF-DESCRIBED as New Glamour in New York City, the founders and designers of Area, Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk, decided to go a step further when it comes to redefining stock notions of beauty and identity by reconceptualising the very ideas of name and culture for SS20. All linked of course, by one central theme at the heart of the label – glamour.

The concept of name plate jewellery was central to the show, a reference to minority subcultures from the nineties, nameplates spelling Area in English, Arabic and Russian were draped across several pieces, from a white boxy suite to a miniskirt and crop top combo.

Cage dresses were perhaps the most inspiring pieces of the show, the design duo showed off their craftmanship through the incredible geometry of dresses which took their design inspiration from bird cages. Layers of delicate golden crystal adornments became more than just accessories that framed the face and ears, but also took the form of corset-styled dresses and belts, their thin metal chains moving in unison while the models walked. Area collaborated with luxury London-based brand Linda Farrow to make a collection of sunglasses for the show. Featuring crystal trim, the eyewear sparkled in the runway lights, reflecting the setting of pure glam.

Other looks showed off the inclusivity inherent in the brand, soft lavender and peach bubble coats along with oversized blazers created fascinating shapes, their unconventional tailoring challenging standard notions of beauty, fashion and art.

by Mirabella Shahidullah

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