Paula Rowan gloves on show in London

With early November winter starting to breathe a prickly breath down our backs and the usual rumours of a nigh-on-apocalyptic Arctic freeze, gloves will probably be a necessity over the next few months.

40BethGloves by Paula Rowan

For every stylish person out there, necessity shouldn’t compromise style however, so why not trade in those limp fingerless gloves for a pair of leather opera gloves when the chill hits this winter? Look no further than Paula Rowan to deliver the above, a glove designer with an extra sense for the final touches of femininity.  “Designed in Ireland, desired worldwide” Rowan’s glam gloves of snakeskin, fur, lambskin, and much more, emphasise style as well as function.

Paula Rowan (2)Paula Rowan

Crafted in family-owned factories in Italy, for Paula it is important to insist on both high quality craftsmanship and ethical labour practice, resulting in a product which the glove extraordinaire believes should be treasured for a lifetime. Paula Rowan Gloves presents itself as one of the only brands which focus exclusively on high-end gloves that are created solely on the basis of quality and by no means cost. Until Sunday Paula will be showing her full AW14 collection at Olympia, London’s Spirit of Christmas Fair – handy if you are thinking of making the ultimate winter statement this Christmas.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Paula Rowan

The Spirit of Christmas Fair is on until Sunday at Olympia, London