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Cult fitness clubs have become as sought-after as the latest hip restaurant, and Psycle is no exception. Whereas once the gym was a place we trudged to with all the enthusiasm we could muster, luxe spinning studios like Psycle and BOOM Cycle have given the world of fitness a (long overdue) glossy makeover.

Psycle has recently opened up a new branch in Canary Wharf (one of London’s main financial districts) to cope with the overwhelming demand since its first West End branch opened on Mortimer Street back in 2013.

With collaborations with Hip & Healthy activewear, live DJ rides, yoga stretches and Bumble & Bumble hair products in the locker rooms – not to mention constant spinning classes from sun up to sun down – even the most fussy spinning fanatic would be hard-pushed to complain.

Psycle, Canary Wharf

Psycle, Canary Wharf

The bright cheery decor and pleasant reception team make the place a great deal more colourful and upbeat than most bland gym chains, with a genuine community feel among the staff and customers. However, the downside is you have to book far in advance for peak times (something that hopefully will ease off now there’s a second studio), such as early mornings and weekends. Otherwise you can be added to the waiting list or turn up 20 minutes beforehand and hope for any cancellations or no-shows (there usually are).

Psycle, Canary Wharf

Psycle, Canary Wharf

And don’t even think about being late – their strict no late-comers policy means that you need to sign in five minutes beforehand or wait until there is space available in the next class. As German as they are in their punctuality, the classes themselves are a fun yet gruelling fueled ride with enthusiastic, day glow-lycra clad instructors (may of whom walk around the bikes to check you’re  working hard enough) and a pumping soundtrack which ranges from old-school garage to the latest Rihanna tracks. And for the naysayers who claim spinning only tones the bottom half, there are also exercises with hand weights during the class, so you can get a full-body workout.

Psycle, Canary WharfPsycle, Canary Wharf

Glass attended Psycle Canary Wharf’s inaugural spinning class the other week, with countless Psycle-aficionados providing a great party atmosphere. After passing through the Kubrick-esque walkway down to Crossrail Place, the new studio is tucked away on this shopping centre’s lower ground floor, it’s slightly more hidden than the West End branch but just as bright and welcoming.

It has also launched an Energy Kitchen for riders to refuel post-workout with superfood smoothies and protein-rich snacks. Whether the Wharf’s banking community can be tempted away from their complementary company gyms remains to be seen – but if the hype last night was anything to go by, this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

by Viola Levy

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