Glass explores the wonders of Château de La Redorte, in Carcassonne, France

SITUATED in the scenic village of La Redorte, in the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon, Château de la Redorte stands tall amongst neighbouring views of vineyards and the Canal du Midi.

On arrival Glass was instantly struck by the still silence surrounding the radiant 18th century structure. It’s as if the Mediterranean air provided a blanket or fresh air and peace over the village, making it the perfect escape for those looking to relax with no distractions.

staircaseThe Château’s grand staircase

It’s fully renovated interior boasts true style with a grand staircase leading guests up to the rooms, surrounded by ornate porticos. The Château’s colour palette is made up of subtle pastel tones giving the building a chic Mediterranean style.

With 25 suites, the Château exceeds standards as each room is designed uniquely with it’s own floor plan. No room is the same. Walking into my suite, I’m immediately struck by the high ceilings and sheer amount of light being let in from the large windows. Stepping out onto my balcony I’m met with a view of the Château’s impressive outdoor pool which is surrounded by pine and olive trees. If taking a dip in the pool isn’t of interest, visitors can enjoy the spa which offers a variety of relaxing treatments ranging from massages and facial treatments.



Front view of the Château

Elegant furniture is scattered around the living area, and a dining table is conveniently placed near the room’s compact kitchenette. This is a huge perk for those who want to have a go at cook something themselves as the close by town of Carcassonne has a bustling indoor market where guests can buy fresh produce from.

Being so close to the Mediterranean, it’s no surprise that Château de la Redorte love to feed their guests with fresh locally sourced seafood. The dining experience offers both indoor and outdoor seating, meaning guests can enjoy their meals on a sunny terrace in the warmer months or in the Château’s classy dining room which is decorated by a selection of bold modern art.

Wine is a key feature of French dining, and the Château proudly sources a fine selection from the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region. My experience exceeded all others when I was served some of the finest Minervois and Corbières reds with my meal. I came to understand the Château’s secret source as I ventured through a secret tunnel network that runs from the Chateau through to the vineyards. This mysterious passage is now home to many of the Château’s fine wines as it is now being used as a wine tunnel.

tunnelThe hidden wine tunnel

Guests can enjoy local fine wine experiences in the tunnel’s cellar-bar, where local experts will guide you through the regions treats. A selection of dry Piquepoul and fresh Viognier whites, fruity rosés and sparkling wonders of Crémant and Blanquette de Limoux are only a fraction of the wines available to enjoy. I had the pleasure of sampling some of these whilst enjoying a selection of edible delicacies such as tapenade and local olives – all of which complemented the wine superbly.

Château de la Redorte is ideal for those who want a carefree stay as it caters for every indulgence a person may want whilst being a stone’s throw from endless history and culture in Carcassonne.

by Katrina Mirpuri

Château de la Redorte, Rue de la Pompe Neuve, 11700 La Redorte, France

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