Glass enjoys a new kind of facial at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Walking into the Peninsula Beverly Hills’s lobby is a pretty pleasing affair. What’s not to like about being confronted by a giant ceramic vase that’s probably bigger than your entire apartment, and filled with opulent flowers that could have been hand-picked from a nearby Californian canyon? First impressions count, and the Peninsula gets top marks and then some.

The Peninsula Beverly HillsThe lobby at The Peninsula Spa at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

To guarantee that guests, and locals alike, make their best first impression, the Peninsula Spa has recently debuted a new line of facials in partnership with the French luxury skincare company Biologique Recherche. Known for advocating a thoroughly clinical, results-driven approach, the brand is committed to using raw active ingredients in their products that are of the purest quality. You won’t find any artificial fragrances or harmful additives here.

The Peninsula Spa, being as discerning as it is, has been intelligent in their adoption of Biologique Recherche, which has a truly cult following. It also doesn’t hurt to know that the company was founded by a biologist, a physiotherapist and a doctor, over forty years ago, who worked together to create innovative products that were developed using only the most meticulous procedures. If this all sounds too medicinal, fear not: the Peninsula Spa is doused in luxury, and seeks to offer clients a truly personalised experience.
The Peninsula Beverly HillsSome of the Biologique Recherche products used at the Spa

Upon arrival, I changed into the requisite fluffy white robe and was invited to sip on the spa’s home-made ginger tea in the cosy lounge. If there was an award for Best Hot Drink at a Spa, this place would scoop it up, without any doubt. I was then led into a beautiful treatment room by my therapist, who explained the one-hour facial I would be having, cheerfully titled Healthy Glow.

Like the other facials in the Biologique Recherche suite offered at the Spa, Healthy Glow relies upon multiple steps, tons of massage, and is catered to the client.

After removing build-up using Lait VIP O2, a milk cleanser that is recommended for city dwellers, my face and neck were smoothed with an application of P50 lotion, which provided exfoliation and prepped the skin for the vigorous massage that would follow.

The Peninsula Beverly HillsCouples Massage Room at the Spa

As my therapist explained, the real bulk of Biologique Recherche facials is the manual lifting movements that are carried out across the face, from jaw to forehead. Using very small, quick gestures, my therapist gently pressed my skin over and over, which helped to sculpt the surface as well as boost my circulation.

After a round of this, my skin was ready to receive the multiple layers of goodness that were painted on. First up was an oxygenating mask, Masque VIP O2, which pleasingly contained marine elastin, white clay and omega 3 & 6. The purity of these ingredients really sang through as the masque started to sink in. To enhance the penetration, another treatment was applied directly on top, the Cold Mask, formulated with fantastic-sounding ingredients such as Micronised Laminaria and Diatome Powder. This addition felt extremely refreshing, and my therapist massaged my arms as we both eagerly waited for the combined duo to work its magic.

The Peninsula Beverly HillsLounge Nook at the Peninsula Beverly Hills

When the masks were ready to be mopped up, it was declared that my skin was now ready to be immersed with serums. Four serums, to be specific. Having become familiar with my skin type, my therapist suggested that we start with two of the Quintessential Serums, known as the purest formulations in the Biologique Recherche range.  Afterwards one of the Targeted Serums was used – Sérum 3R, a combination of 12 powerful active ingredients – and we concluded with a Finishing Serum.

If you think that there wouldn’t be room for any more, you’re wrong. Biologique Recherche definitely can’t be accused of not being generous during their facial treatments – they really do offer the client an opportunity to experience numerous, and diverse, products. My therapist ended with a rich day cream and then thoughtfully asked if I would want to wear a sunscreen as the final touch. Given the strong Californian rays, I of course agreed.

The amalgamation of an interesting and hard-working product line with a highly elegant Beverly Hills setting is undoubtedly a winner, and if I was a LA resident, coming to the Peninsula for this facial would undoubtedly be on my list of monthly healthcare must-haves.

by Derby Jones

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