Roger Law ceramics at Sladmore Contemporary and talk at the British Museum

This month, former puppet-maker and TV satirist Roger Law’s witty and delicate ceramic creations are on display at Sladmore Contemporary, London and he will also be talking about his work in pottery at the British Museum. Both events aim to offer insights into Law’s Odyssea journey from television to the classic Chinese techniques of ceramic-porcelain craftsmanship.

2_Roger_Law_Ceramics_Saltwater_Pot_9985                                                                                       Saltwater pot by Roger Law

Making caricatures from the early 1960s, and being one half of Fluck and Law who created the topical satirical television-puppet show, Spitting Image which satirised many famous politicians, Law was overwhelmed by the frenetic demands of television.

10_Roger_Law_Ceramics_Mudskipper_Bowls                                                                               A pair of painted bowls by Roger Law

After visiting China in 2003, following the ending of Spitting Image in 1996 and his subsequent relocation to Australia, Law fell in love with the city of Jingdezhen, known as the porcelain capital of China, as well as the porcelain technique, and has spent many years there working on his ceramic creations.

9_Roger_Law_Ceramics_Mudfish_Bowl_9744                                                                      Large mud skipper bowl by Roger Law

The outcome is numerous exhibitions all over the world and a very successful workshop creating all kind of fine porcelain pottery from vases to bowls in traditional blue green celadon adorned with plants and sea creatures from Chinese mythology from weedy sea dragons to cheer-leader crabs.

Roger Law CeramicsJumping mudskipper pot by Roger Law

Law’s latest exhibition is an exploration of  his skills in, and the beauty of modeling overlaid with his own subversive wit.

21_Roger_Law_Ceramics_Children in Cauldron_ 419                                                                              Children in Roger Law’s big cauldron

19_Roger_Law_Ceramics_RL working on Big Pot_363                                                                    Roger Law drawing out the design on a big pot

Roger Law Ceramics Mud skipper plate by Roger Law

by Xenia Founta

Roger Law’s solo exhibition will be open until November, 15, 2014 at Sladmore Contemporary, 32 Bruton Place, London, W1J 6NW, and will continue to be sold there after the exhibition ends.

Roger Law  talks about his porcelain pots at the British Museum, on November, 14, 2014 from 18.00 to 21.00 during their Ming exhibition

All images by John Lawrence and Derek Au

Images courtesy of Theo Woodham-Smith PR