Ross Muir returns to Maddox Gallery with a new must-see exhibition

THE SCOTTISH artist, Ross Muir, known for his reimagination of historical artworks with a contemporary twist, has been invited back to Maddox Gallery in Westbourne Grove to exhibit his latest collection.

Ross Muir is a Glaswegian artist who kicked off his artistic endeavours at the age of 30. He skyrocketed to fame, some might even refer to his sudden flourishment as something of an overnight sensation.

Muir’s artwork is known for its secretive references to subject matter that is widely recognised and relatable, an aspect that elevated his success.

In 2018 the artist released a piece entitled Square Gogh, an interpretation of the Dutch impressionist Van Gogh. This led to a viral sensation on social media resulting in various galleries reaching out to the artist in hopes of exhibiting his work and initiated Muir’s placement at Thistle Art Gallery in Glasgow as a featured artist.

Ross Muir, 2023. Van Gough Golfer

The Maddox Gallery initially welcomed Muir in May of 2021 and has done so again this September. The soon-to-be exhibition entitled The Bridge Home will run at the West London gallery from the 8th of September until the 22nd of October 2023.

The exhibition is going to display further liberality surrounding contemporary culture as the artist conceptualises some of the most renowned artworks history has to offer, harmoniously binding the past and present. The artists distinguishing and internationally recognised style is eminent in his latest works as he balances unmannerly humour while demonstrating a painterly technique.

Ross Muir, 2023. Frida

The thematic elements of The Bridge Home hone into intimate notions of self-discovery as the artist contemplates who he is, who he could be and who he should be. The act of painting whisks Muir away on a spiritual journey, an idea which is visualised through his newest works.

Muir has struggled with mental illness throughout his life and has expressed his financial struggles and battles with addiction, themes relevant to The Bridge Home. A Juxtapositional element is given to his works as they visually display serenity and tranquility, a contrast to Muir’s daily mental health battles.

“I don’t know if you can get much darker than where I was at … the debt, the drugs, the addiction; I had to unwind a big, massive knot, and I managed to do it. Even trying to get out of the dark, is better than sitting in the dark. I have a freedom now that I never thought I would obtain again. Art is my total saviour”.— Ross Muir

The Bridge Home will be in support of the West London Zone charity, an organisation aiding the academic, social and emotional betterment of children and young people.

by Nicole Pereira

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