Saint Laurent Rive Droite presents a new live session

WITH music interwoven into the seams and history of Saint Laurent, Anthony Vaccarello has mastered continuing the legacy of this essential part to the French brand. At the Rive Droite side to the fashion house, a curated and continual experience of exploring and collaborating with musicians has become an exciting project to see unfold.

Through the “live sessions” series, a variety of up-and-coming as well as established artists have been given the platform to showcase their music to a global audience.

For this session, PPJ were invited to take part and perform across the Saint Laurent channels. The trio, consisting of producer Povoa, singers Páula and Jerge, formed in the Spring of 2020 and released their first EP titled Primavera last November. The group offer techno-pop infused with Brazilian influences to create playful and dance-worthy tracks.

Watch it here:

by Imogen Clark