Swarovski Optik takes a closer look at nature with their collaboration with Marc Newson

WITH UNCERTAINTY still at the forefront of our minds, subtle shifts in how we wish to live our lives continue to develop as we look to be more conscious on picking the better option. Functional fashion has been revived and sustainability is mandatory as we focus on protecting the earth.

Swarovski Optik has forged new ground with the release of the CL Curio 7×21, a pair of binoculars that balance striking design with high precision.

swarovski optik marc newsonSwarovski Optik x Marc Newson

Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, CEO of Swarovski Optik states, “Our products sharpen the senses to perceive the beauty of nature – and understand the need to protect it.”

This truly unique item with its seamless design, thanks to Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, who was named was one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Influential People in 2005, takes this classic item and pushes it to its technical limits within a very contemporary framework.

swarovski optik marc newsonswarovski optik marc newsonSwarovski Optik x Marc Newson

“There is an incredibly romantic aspect to this project because binoculars are timeless objects, and their function is akin to magic: they allow you to see things usually invisible to the naked eye,” says Newson. “There are few remaining objects of this kind that still exist – a truly analogue device. Unlike many digital things, they are completely future proof.”

by Imogen Clark 

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