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One of the most exciting things about fashion is the myriad of sources that inspire each collection. This is particularly true for young designers as every collection arguably feels more important. Rarely do we get a chance to experience inspiration with a designer. Yet Glass recently had the rare opportunity to travel virtually with two young designers, Hardeep and Mandeep Kaur Chohan, the twin sisters behind the brand Nom de Mode.

Hardeep and Mandeep recently traveled to India as inspiration for their next collection. In their vision, the “Nom de Mode woman travels the world, soaks up the different cultures and is inspired as she walks. What better place than beautiful India?”

The two sisters and co-founders of Nom de Mode ventured to north India to marvel at the luxurious silks and brocades, to take in the sights and sounds and capture all that is wonderful in India to inspire their collection of womenswear. According to Mandeep, their journey was “full on, we bought a hoard of trinkets and stunning fabrics, and with fond memories look back at our photo journal, planning our next trip of inspiration overload.”

Experience a little bit of India with Hardeep and Mandeep as you glance through their photo diary.

by Jessica Quillin

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