The Glass Guide to the perfectly scented Christmas


Jonathan Ward Hermitage Noel 1878

Hermitage Noel 1878 is this year’s Christmas candle from the brilliant up-and-coming London Fields-based British perfumer and candle maker, Jonathan Ward, whose scents are always sublime and intriguing. His candles are made of the highest quality organic wax blend with two wicks and gives a wonderful smooth burn. Hermitage Noel 1878 is inspired the legendary Moscow restaurant of the same name and evokes ancient wintry trees with notes of Russian leather, coffee absolute, and the ever-seasonal frankincense and myrrh. A very special candle.

Hermitage Noel 1878 retails at £45, HKD461



Officine Universelle Buly 1803 Sacre candle

With its bottom notes of cedar and honey, heart notes of incense, and head notes of aldehyde, juniper, and pine, Parisian fragrance and skincare brand Buly 1803’s Sacre scented candle will make a beautiful addition to any candle enthusiasts. Contained within a splendid and stately marble candle holder with a glass dome, the candle is guaranteed to burn up to 100 hours.

Buly 1803 Sacre scented candle retails at £138, HKD 1,186



Bjork and Berries’ Never Spring

Bjork and Berries Never Spring

The top notes of northern Swedish company Bjork and Berries’ Never Spring scented candle contain lemon, blackberry, and peach, with its heart notes being jasmine, cyclamen, bamboo and base being musk, cedarwood, and amber. Having 100 per cent natural, vegan, and biodegradable wax, this candle will keep you warm for 45 hours

Bjork and Berries Never Spring scented candle retails at £49,  HKD 505


Cochine Orange Amère & Star Anise

Burning over 50 hours and with top notes of bitter orange and star anise, with hints of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon leaf, and base notes of vanilla and smoky guaiac wood, Orange Amère and Star Anise from Cocine will make your winter evenings much cosier.

Orange Amère and Star Anise from Cocine retails at £45, HKD 464


Byredo Chai candle

Blending spices and black tea leaves together, the top notes of Byredo Chai candle contain ginger zest, clove buds, and cardamom, with its heart of incense, mate, and violet, and base of birch tree, guaic woods, and warm latte. Burning up to 60 hours, this candle evokes attending an Indian tea ritual.

Byredo Chai  retails at £57,  HKD 588




JOGB SLOJO Relaxing Candle

Designed to de-stress your mind and body with a beautiful combination of patchouli, lavender, geranium, cedar wood, and pure labdanum, from the lovely JoGB home fragrance company founded by holistic beauty and lifestyle journalist Jo Glanville-Blackburn, the SLOJO Relaxing Candle burns for up to 50 hours and is made from pure plant-based soy and rapeseed wax.

Relaxing Candle retails at £65, HKD670



DS & DURGA Portable Fireplace candle

Evoking the cosy warmth of a country fireplace, the DS & DURGA Portable Fireplace candle has top notes of  pine wood and atlas cedar, heart notes of smoke, oak ash and cedar, and base notes of birch, birch tar and copaiba resin.

Portable Fireplace candle retails at £65, HKD670




Ormonde Jayne Tolu candle

With a burning time of over 55 hours, Tolu a sensual high quality candle from British luxury fragrance brand Ormonde Jayne consists of a chic gold lid and a fabulous homemade box, using a high percentage of fragrance to give off notes of pure tolu resin from Peru, amber, frankincense and orange blossom.

Tolu candle  retails at £45, HKD464



Etro reed diffuser

Etro, the much-loved Italian fashion brand synonymous for vibrant colour, has recently launched a collection of smart reed diffusers to enhance any room this festive season. Presented in an elegant glass bottle, each features an embossed paisley design. Choose from four different fragrances taking their name from Greek mythology. Each is presented in a precious box, hand covered in Etro exquisite fabric.

Priced at £139, HKD1,427 and available here




Prosody London Fougére Fauve Natural Reed Diffuser

Tbe emerging London-based fragrance company Prosody is inspired by the beauty of plants and uses only the finest natural and organic pure botanical ingredients from around the world to create their intriguing and compelling fragrances. For Christmas, their Fougére Fauve reed diffuser evokes wild forests with notes of petitgrain and pine leaf with bosky loaminess offered by  oakmoss and cedar accents all offset by a peach scent.

The diffuser is composed of a long-lasting and non-flammable glycerine derived serum. Each 140ml serum will last up to six months and will scent a very large room.

Prosody London Fougére Fauve diffuser retails at £75 (140ml)


Floris diffuser

Floris Ginger and Sandalwood scented diffuser

From the UK’s oldest family-owned fragrance house, the legendary Floris have now introduced candles and diffusers into their offering which is excellent news for all fragrance lovers. This Ginger and Sandalwood diffuser Floris London Ginger and Sandalwood scented reed diffuser is perfect for Christmas with its vibrant notes of ginger, cinnamon and black pepper invigorated with eucalyptus and birch leaf underpinned with earthy vetiver and patchouli and  sandalwood, amber for seasonal warmth.

Floris Ginger and Sandalwood Scented Diffusers (£70/HKD718 for 200g) is available from Floris London

Noble Isle’s Wrapped Roses luxury gift set 

Specially made with vegan, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free formulas, this candle and bubble bath gift set from Noble Isle is both beautifully made and presented. Delivered in a wrapped roses gift box and adorned with coloured ribbons, this gift set invokes the luxury of the fragrances its contains. With notes of English rose petals, jasmine, and sage, this set provides a musky and earthy fragrance of off-cut its sweet and floral top notes. Additionally, every local producer delivers on the finest, 100% natural extracts, from areas including Rhubarb from Yorkshire, Sea Oak from Ireland, Malted Barley from Scotland and Beetroot from Wales.

The Noble Isle Wrapped Roses gift set is available for £58 from Noble Isle