White Cube Hong Kong presents new Cerith Wyn Evans show

WELSH conceptual artist Cerith Wyn Evans is set to debut an exciting new exhibition .…)( of, a clearing at the renowned White Cube gallery in Hong Kong. The show will feature new installation work, sculptures, paintings and sound art, which depicts the “artist’s exploration of perception through the transposition of form”, as the White Cube puts it. 

Evans has transformed the gallery into a “vernacular temple”, creating a space where limitless possibilities take place prompting visitors to take part in reflection.

What is real? What is an illusion? His vision is accomplished by his use of shadow play, vibrations, after-images, and echoes in the spaces between the various artworks.

Touches of Modernism and themes of doubt and ambiguity partner with artistic strategies of reversal, disruption and deviation to further invite visitors to the immersive realm that Evans created.

Cerith Wyn Evans Tokonoma Scroll (IV) 2021


Cerith Wyn Evans Neon after Stella (Tomlinson Court Park) 2022


Cerith Wyn Evans (A)Plane (In Five) (PrimedPenetrated) 2022


by Jamison Kent

The exhibition is on from January 21 until  March 12, 2022