SWEDISH singer-song writer, Alice Boman, who emerged onto the music scene in 2013, has just released her new single, Dreams.

Dreams has a similar sound and vibe to Alice Boman’s previous EPs. It is a slow, chilled-out song that has simple, whispered lyrics, and the video produced by Paris-based director Jeanne Lula Cauveau and photographer and film-maker Aëla Labbe compliments the song perfectly.

Alice Boman - East Publicity
Shot from the filming of the video of Dreams

The video is absolutely bewitching. Alice Boman decided to film the video in Vårhallarna, a beach resort in Northern Sweden, an area of Sweden that holds a personal connection for Alice. The landscape of Vårhallarna is very bleak, full of lavender fields and deep grey cliffs, and Alice Boman wears a red outfit, as well as shiny silver outfit, in the video that makes her, the focus of the video, stand out from the austere backdrop. Thus the video has definitely achieved its aim of exploring the relationship between humans and nature. You can watch the video here.

by Allie Nawrat

Dreams is available on all digital platforms but there are also 300 hand-numbered and hand-stamped seven inch singles available in selected stores.

Alice Boman has just announced a two London shows at the St Pancras Old Church, an early and a late show, on February 28, 2018. Tickets can bought from here.

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