Balmain Hair marks its 50th anniversary with a new perfume trio

CELEBRATING Balmain Hair’s golden 50th anniversary next year, the brand has launched The Heritage Collection, a trio of exclusive new hair perfumes to mark the occasion.

As part of the Balmain Paris fashion label, Balmain Hair has a built a rich heritage, combining hair essentials (cue everything from haircare and hair fragrances to accessories and tools), with the latest catwalk trends that’s rooted in high-fashion glamour. 

Balmain Hair Range

Crafted by the revered award-winning perfumer, Cécile Zarokian, each of these Heritage scents have been designed to be unisex and have been formulated with natural ingredients like Silk Protein and Argan Elixir to enrich the hair.

Of course, they offer a long-lasting, aromatic fragrance, which is non-greasy, and suitable for all hair types, to give a healthy feel and an alluring scent. After all, hair perfumes have become massively popular in recent years with people wanting to add to their fragrance collection. 

Cardamom 1974

Ginger 1974

For those who lean towards a spicy scent the Ginger 1974 hair mist offers spices that are balanced with amber, sweet vanilla and invigorating fir balsam. Then there’s the soft Cardamom 1974 with its delicate fruity and floral notes of vanilla, rose, blackcurrant, and patchouli, set against bergamot and lemon for an uplifting, subtle citrus kick.

Vetiver 1974

Last but not least it the Vetiver 1974, which draws inspiration from the core Balmain values: empowerment through excellence (cue the strong woody notes of vetiver, cedarwood, high quality raw materials), and refinement (depicted via floral notes such as rose, geranium and lily of the valley). 

by Felicity Carter

Available on Net-A-Porter, the line will roll out on and out to Balmain Hair salons from January 1st, 2024.