Bulgari announce next chapter of collaborative Serpenti Metamorphosis exhibition in London

THOUGH an iconic symbol of of ultimate elegance, the historical emblem of the Serpenti has been reimagined in a futuristic exhibition perfectly suited to an age infatuated with technology, arriving for a four week-long showcase at Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery. 

A collaboration between the fine jewellery house and innovative artist and director, Refik Anadol, the exhibition is an immersive experience that uses a variety of AI technologies. The intriguing approach to artistic design takes aim at the art-crazed audience of TikTok, where more or less every immersive exhibition in the capital during the last year has gained immense momentum and generated an impressive turnout.

Serpenti Metamorphosis ExhibitionPromotional imagery for the Serpenti Metamorphosis exhibition

The AI technology, developed by Anadol himself, shows the life of a snake, or rather, a Serpenti, beginning from its birth and journeying through its different personalities. The experience is enhanced with a mesmerising re-imagination of nature culminating in an alternative landscape that perfectly immerses the audience into the visual dialogue. 

Serpenti Metamorphosis ExhibitionRefik Anadol photographed by Efsun Erkilic

Though a fantastic journey into technology, the exhibition will be accompanied by a series of archival sketches and a selection of Serpenti pieces, perfectly preempting the 75th anniversary of of the Serpenti emblem since its arrival in 1948, next year.

by Ben Sanderson

The Serpenti Metamorphosis exhibition will be hosted at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, from 25th November – 23rd December 2022.