Bulgari delights with three new additions to the Allegra Fragrance collection

BULGARI has added three all-new scents to their Allegra Fragrance collection to perfume lovers’ delight. The Allegra line offers you the choice to create your own unique fragrance by combining their perfumes and magnifying essences, according to your taste and mood. The new additions include Baciami, Spettacolore and Magnifying Myrrh launching this July.

Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier is the nose behind the new perfumes, starting with Baciami – a sensual floral with fresh gardenia and warm vanilla extract notes. Precious notes of amber tie the deliciously romantic scent together. 


Baciami – a new launch in the Bulgari Allegra collection

The next addition to the fragrance line is Spettacolore.  The scent is all about the contrast between light and darkness.  It features powdery notes of iris contrasted yet complemented by bold citrus notes.


Spettacolore and Magnifying Myrrh Essence


Magnifying Myrrh Essence is the third and final addition to the Allegra Fragrance collection.  Inspired by myrrh’s ancient and rich history, Bulgari has created their own version of the beloved scent. Sultry and warm, it’s a white amber balm that exudes luxury. 


Bulgari Allegra Magnifying  Myrrh Essence


Bulgari’s new perfumes are the perfect way to spice up one’s fragrance routine, and with three scents to choose from, it’s going to be challenging to choose just one. 

by Jamison Kent

Bulgari Allegra Spettacolore and Baciami retail at £200 (100ml) (EDP)

Bulgari Allegra Magnifying Myrrh retails at £160 (100ml) (EDP)

They are available exclusively at Harrods