Chanel release summer’s new go to fragrance in the Gabrielle Chanel range

CREAMY feminine tuberose, surrounded by the fresh pleasure of crisp white flowers is what you can expect from Chanel’s new scent range, Gabrielle Chanel Parfum and Gabrielle Chanel Essence Twist and Spray.

This is the perfect summer scent that launched at the beginning of July 2022 (just in time for this delightful wave of heat), that asserts the prominence of character of the Gabrielle Chanel fragrance line as all the flowers that previously flourished in the range are resurfaced and combined into this brand-new aroma.

The face of Gabrielle Chanel Margot RobbieThe face of Gabrielle Chanel, Margot Robbie

Notes of powerful jasmine, ravishing and fruity ylang-ylang, sweet orange-blossom together with fragrant tuberose are captured in a sleek square bottle with bevelled edges, that stand out as one of its own upon the fragrance counter. A new and improved applicator has been updated prior to its release, as now, a high-precision spray nozzle is present making direct and delicate applications even easier than ever before.

Gabrielle Chanel ParfumGabrielle Chanel Parfum

The wildness of this range is exposed through a rich composition of the plant kingdom’s most refined, spell-binding flowers, and at the heart is the perennial tuberose that was originally native to Mexico. The femininity of this bouquet is met perfectly with discreet, green tones that are assisted by cosy sandalwood and luscious vanilla to deliver an intense, incredible, memorable and sensual aura.

Gabrielle Chanel Essence Twist and SprayGabrielle Chanel Essence Twist and Spray

The Gabrielle Chanel Essence Twist and Spray collection is there to support the parfum comprising of a set of three 20ml bottles with a branded applicator casing for those who wish to carry the fragrance with them on-the-go.

Gabrielle Chanel ParfumGabrielle Chanel Parfum

by Alicia Tomkinson

Gabrielle Chanel Parfum is priced at  £250RRP / 35ml and Gabrielle Chanel Essence Twist and Spray is priced at  £109RRP / 3X20ml

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