Cassina unveils Modular Imagination by Virgil Abloh

CONTINUING on the legacy of Virgil Abloh, Cassina reveals the ‘Modular Imagination’ collection. Designed for the exclusive project that began in 2020, it “questions and develops the design implications of modularity”.

Modular Imagination is an open invitation to configure space and construct new worlds, with its origins rooted in exploring the childlike creative process of play. The array consists of two matte-black block structures of varying sizes that can be merged to fit the space around them and adapt to the necessities of both public and domestic settings.

The blocks are made out of recycled wood as it was important for Abloh to maintain creation through sustainable means. In order to join the composition, the designer created “a specific connecting module that allows its contrasting orange cylindrical feet to slot into the top of the below unit”. Each unit is stiff looking and prevails an almost industrial feel and regardless of its appearance, it’s surprisingly soft, “creating the perfect balance for it to be used both as a seat and supporting surface.”

This collection has a particularly profound meaning for Cassina, as the brand’s release states, “Modular Imagination joins the Cassina catalogue as part of the permanent collection, emphasizing the value of this project that does not aim to be a limited drop but attesting the quality of Abloh’s work within the design world.”

by Zlata Kryudor 

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