Chanel Beauty launches Les Eaux De Chanel ungendered fragrance collection

GENDER neutral might just have been the buzzword (or term) of 2017. A movement focused on breaking down societal norms saw runways, high streets and beauty campaigns alike flooded with gender-breaking imagery. When you break it down to its core, the movement is about embracing things not necessarily geared towards one’s specific gender identity.

Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Deauville, Paris-Venise and  Paris-Biarritz,

Lucky for us, then, that Chanel has chosen this year to launch their first ever ungendered collection of fragrances, Les Eaux De Chanel. The line makes perfect sense – fragrance is an incredibly individual and emotive experience, and not really determined by gender.

Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Biarritz, Paris-Venise and Paris-Deauville

Comprised of three complementary and gorgeous scents, Les Eaux De Chanel consists of Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Biarritz, Paris-Venise and Paris-Deauville. Inspired by these three places, two in France and one in Italy, the scents also mark specific moments in the life of Chanel’s legendary creator, Coco Chanel too.

by Thomas Marrington

Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Biarritz, Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Venise and Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Deauville (each 125ml) are available from here from July 13 and retail at £97 each.



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