Chanel celebrates its iconic flower – The Camellia

INSIDE Chanel is a project that, through a series of short films, narrates the story of The House of Chanel. The initial chapters look back at Gabrielle Chanel and all the iconic creations that generated a legendary brand that will always have a strong impact on the fashion industry.

Chapter 16 the CamelliaChanel Chapter 16 the Camellia, from Chanel

This chapter will now be realised, this particular one will be dedicated to Chanel’s iconic flower, The Camellia. In 1923 Mademoiselle Chanel incorporated this delicate bloom, symbol of purity and longevity, into her collections. This signature motif was incorporated as an embellishment pinned on a garment, adorning a hairstyle, engraved on the buttons of a suit or a lace motif.

Today The Camellia remains an essential creative element at Chanel and a timeless symbol of the brand.

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by Lucrezia Celeste d’Acquarone


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