Chanel showcases their 2019/2020 Cruise Collection


AS THE Nave of the Grand Palais was transformed into a Parisian train station, its guests were whisked away on an imaginary journey. Instigator and author of this travel story was Virginie Viard whose theme was a silhouette in motion; simultaneously strong and subtle.

Alongside the iconic black, ecru and white, a vibrant palette of pink, green, blue, fuchsia, mauve and sky clashed with earthy bistre and mocha browns, navy and cobalt blues. With each model that walked past, the colours became blended with one another, like a landscape blurred by the speed of a passing train, signifying that these are clothes to travel in, to move in and to live in.

 Chanel 2019/2020 Cruise Collection


The emblematic Chanel tweed jacket imposes its timeless modernity on the collection. Dresses mirror the sophisticated simplicity of a brushstroke. Evening wear of masculine shirts and wide-cut hessian trousers are complimented by Virginie Viard’s more feminine imagining of a dress in midnight blue lace with a low neckline revealing a big black satin bow.

 Chanel 2019/2020 Cruise Collection


With this collection, Virginie Viard writes the next chapter in the story of Chanel by delivering her own vision. Following in the tradition of Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, she shapes a look where sophistication is built on the purity of detail, form and functionality.

by Alicia Pountney