Davika Hoorne is Gucci and Gucci Beauty’s latest Brand Ambassador

THAI actress Davika Hoorne has just been announced as the most recent Brand Ambassador for Gucci and Gucci Beauty.

The Thai-Belgian actress, model and singer possesses a career spanning 14 years in the Thai entertainment industry and has gained international recognition as a runway model alongside her 2015 breakout role in the film Heart Attack.

Hoorne’s traction in the fashion industry has been building over the last few years with a notable moment being her runway walk for Michael Kors in 2017 during New York Fashion Week.

In 2018, Davika was named Milan Fashion Week’s most compelling newcomer by Vogue and in 2022 she became a friend of the Bulgari House. Davika has also been spotted at various Gucci events over the years with the latest being the Gucci Ancora spring-summer 2024 show which took place in Milan this past September.

Davika Hoorne for Gucci

Davika Hoorne for Gucci

Hoorne is currently the only Ambassador for Gucci Beauty but will be joining the likes of Hanni, Alia Bhatt, IU, Ni Ni and Gyuyoung Park as an ambassador for the House of Gucci.

As she takes on this new title Davika said: “Gucci is a globally renowned fashion brand that seamlessly blends innovative creativity with the beauty of fashion in a unique and captivating manner. Just as Gucci allows individuals to express their true selves with freedom and clarity, I feel incredibly honoured and delighted to collaborate with Gucci as a Brand Ambassador for both Gucci and Gucci Beauty. It is a source of immense pride and honour in my professional journey”.

by Nicole Pereira

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