De Beers Group announce programme to support more than 1,200 female entrepreneurs in South Africa

AS part of their one-year anniversary of the De Beers partnership with United Nations (UN) Women, have announced the creation of a three-year capacity-building programme to support over 1200 female entrepreneurs across Southern Africa. Aiming to improve the livelihood of South African women, the programme will equip them with business and management skills, providing fundamental training on business concepts that are vital in operating and growing small businesses.

Anne Hathaway at the summit

Hoping to help women build successful and sustainable businesses, Bruce Cleaver, Ceo of De Beers Group, said, “I am delighted to launch this programme as part of De Beers Group’s commitment to stand with women and girls around the world, especially in our diamond producing countries where women play a crucial role in supporting their local communities.”

Understanding geographical factors and other challenges women face is a fundamental aspect of the campaign, targeting specific areas with high levels of unemployment where formal occupations are restricted for women. Additionally aiming to support and grow local communities through the support of working women, Cleaver hopes they will “reinvest more of their income back into the community and to actively support the creation of jobs for others.”

The #HeforShe summit panel speakers

The campaign is part of the UN #HeforShe Movement, which has implemented solidarity for gender equality. Understanding the impact economic status and occupation has towards greater equality for women, the programme includes a $3 million investment to advance women in De Beers Group’s diamond producing countries, announced in September last year.

By improving women’s economic position, the collaboration  strives to encourage poverty eradication, financial independence and more inclusive economic growth in South Africa. Ultimately, the programme stems from the belief that greater financial power for women will not only create greater equality, but essential economic growth which will benefit the entire community.

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