PFW SS19: Courrèges

NEW Creative Director Yolanda Zabel’s showcases the once famous brand Courrèges in Paris Fashion Week. The brand, which once headlined 1960s’ style and fashion design, has been sporadically absent on the catwalk since founder André Courrèges sold his brand in 2015. However, its come back has demonstrated that Courréges once again is the hallmark of French style.

Standing out against other designers at PFW, the collection is heavily inspired by its glory days in 60s’ fashion. Short a-line mini-skirts, leather and eccentric colours and prints are seen throughout the Spring Summer reveal, with the model’s makeup and bobbed haircuts an homage to 60s’ era trends. However, the collection also takes inspiration from modern-day fashion, as evident by the use of neutral tones and mesh fabrics. Ultimately, the collection is a modern-day interpretation of 60s’ design.

There are also certain elements of the collection that mimic the most iconic pieces of Courréges. In particular, the use of hats and head-wear exemplify this, with the PVC brightly coloured hats extremely similar to ones adorned by 60s’ it-girls in vintage copies of Vogue. It seems Zabel wanted to keep Courréges  close to its roots. Whilst elevating pieces with a modern twist, the collection is a nostalgic reminiscence to one of the most significant brands in 60s’ fashion.

by Emma Hart

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