De Beers unveil Aria High Jewellery Collection

This season De Beers are doing right by taking it back to the one thing that will always be emblematic of timelessness, the diamond. The new Aria High Jewellery collection, comprised of eight completely unique pieces, is promised to “bring to life a dance of light” for those who embrace the beauty of the dramatic interplay between the highlights and shadows. In a first for De Beers, the diamond company has turned to the beguiling midnight blue of Aventurine to contrast and magnify the lustre of the diamond focal point, making the new designs bona fide one-off pieces.





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The deep dark blue hue, inspired by the De Beers Millennium blue, is masterfully forged and framed through delicate hand-carved marquetry work, taking on the form of pure expressive elegance. Unveiled during the Haute Couture hoopla in Paris last week the collection graced the schedule with a certain serenity, Francois Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewellers, adding that the Aria creations are “another inspiring creative gesture showcasing exceptional High Jewellery craftsmanship and diamond expertise”.

Launching worldwide later this month, the eight unique High Jewellery pieces will be showcased globally alongside a design jewellery Aria collection also including women’s watches, so ready yourself for the radiance of De Beers superior new stock.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of De Beers

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