Dior Introduces Two New Additions to the Backstage Collection

FUSING, professional application, expert formulas and carry-on packaging to create the Dior Backstage collection, the secrets of the runway are spilt, offering all women, the opportunity to obtain a professional makeup look, fit for a model. Introducing a backstage experience, the collection designed for travel, perfection and durability is fit for those who are at the centre of the backstage atmosphere, a collection aptly named.

Dior Backstage collection, Face and Body Foundations and Primer

Initially released in 2018,Dior has announced two new additions to the Backstage collection, designed to enhance the flawless face routine, and illuminate the skin. Each suited to the conditions and aesthetic of a Dior runway.

Dior Backstage collection, Face and Body Primer

The idea behind the Backstage Collection is bringing a flawless base and radiant finish to the skin, the Face And Body Primer, which introduces hydration and enhancement, blending with the skin to create a soft, unblemished texture.

When testing the product,  being a 20-year-old constantly battling against dry skin, I found the texture of the formula to be light and weightless contrasting the more heavy sensation of other primers I have tried in the past. Clinging tight to my face, the primer provided me with a hydrated and moisturised texture, alongside this a subtle radiance glowed from my skin, increasing with each application layered on top. The primer provided me with a glowing finish leaving me with a radiant natural look which I was really pleased with.


When I used the primer as a base under foundation, the texture fused to my skin, providing a sleek finish and strong makeup hold. Whilst I can’t speak for the extreme conditions of the runway, as far as resistance to heat and humidity on the streets of London, the primer provided me with an uninterrupted radiance.

Dior Backstage collection, Face and Body Primer

Complementing the primer, the Dior Glow Face Palette 002 Glitz, is a delicately selected harmony of highlighters. Offering a buildable pigmentation, each highlighter within the palette can be layered, allowing for a soft natural glow or an intense injection of radiance. The palette have four alternating shades, balances between a subtle iridescent peach, a lustrous white, a gentle gold combined with a blend of maxi glitter and a strong bronze is contrasted against holographic accents, each precisely created to provide a finishing touch and build upon a flawless routine.

Dior Backstage collection Glow Face Palette 002 Glitz

Calibrating each shade down to the last pigment, the latest additions, as with the staple collection, provide a perfect option for every skin tone. Presented through the campaign, Bella Hadid, Ruth Bell, Jing Wen and Blesnya Minher, lend their faces to showcase the universal nature of the collection, adorned in key pieces from the couture house with makeup to match each unique models’ personality.


By Lorna Tyler 

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