Dior unveils the campaign for autumn 2023 collection

THROUGH a series of poetic and potent visuals, Dior’s autumn 2023 collection reveals a tapestry of India’s diverse artistic expression. Nestled within the enchanting city of Udaipur, the crown jewel of Rajasthan, the campaign captures the opulent allure of the region’s palaces and temples.

The collection’s dazzling silk outfits, masterfully capture the spirit of traditional Indian dress; the stark contrast of black and white is praised via the use of monochrome, simple tunics. Maria Grazia Chiuri is responsible for this vivacious mix of Eastern and Western influences; through it, she successfully expresses her awe and appreciation for India’s artisanal excellence and textile legacy.

Embroidered versions of the Dior Book Tote bag’s signature vivid designs pay homage to India’s breathtaking scenery. This creative expression embodies Chiuri’s captivation with the country’s diverse culture and time-honored techniques.

The Fall 2023 campaign is a spellbinding journey that continues the longstanding connection between the House of Dior and India. This remarkable relationship dates back to the brand’s very first show in 1947, and the country’s allure continues to captivate and inspire the fashion house.

by Zlata Kryudor

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