Documenting landscape and tracing memory – Michelle Stuart at Parafin gallery, London

American artist Michelle Stuart will showcase an exhibition of recent works at London’s Parafin gallery. Known for her synthesis of Land Art, drawing, and sculpture, Stuart’s work explores the overlapping of nature and culture, and also engages with the physicality of space and landscape.

Titled Tracing Memory: Selected Works 1969–2015, the show will focus on photographic works taken during Stuart’s travels or in her studio, arranged in grid configurations. Through the arrangement and combination of images, Stuart suggests grand narratives of journeys across time and space. Her photographs are taken in locations ranging from New York and Paris to the oceans of Polynesia and the mountains of Machu Picchu. Important older works including drawings, earth rubbings, site documentation and book-objects will also be shown alongside these photographs.

Michelle Stuart, Night Over Alice Springs (2014)
© Michelle Stuart 2015. Courtesy Parafin, London

Michelle Stuart, Drawing on Space (2011)
© Michelle Stuart 2015. Courtesy Parafin, London

Michelle Stuart, Hear the Mermaids Sing (2013)
© Michelle Stuart 2015. Courtesy Parafin, London

by Louise Lui 

Tracing Memory: Selected Works 1969–2015 will run from March 27 until 9 May 9, 2015
at Parafin,  18 Woodstock Street, London W1C 2AL

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