Escentric 02 – the fragrance that adapts to you

ESCENTRIC Molecules redefines what it means to wear a fragrance. When industry rebel Geza Schoen created Escentric Molecules, it aimed to utilise science in the art of perfumery.

By using 13.5 per cent Ambroxan, a synthetic identikit to nature’s ambergris derived ambrox, the unisex scent maintains a quality that creator Schoen describes as mineral, lingering into the drydown. There’s a reason for this specific concentration  any higher, and it would crystalise in the bottle.


escentric_02Escentric Molecules Escentric 02

When talking about perfume, you will often hear of how they change on an individual’s skin – with Escentric 02 this is truer than ever. Specially formulated to adapt to your natural pheromones, everyone’s result is a subtly unique take on vetiver, orris, a surprisingly fresh hint of gin and tonic and Austrian lemonade, almdudler.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised at the subtlety of Escentric 02, but don’t be fooled by the extravagant ingredients. This is a gentle and delicate scent designed to enhance the wearer, not to overpower them.

by Thomas Marrington

Escentric 02 EDT (100ml) retails at £71.50 and is available from Harvey Nichols and Liberty


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