Fendi unveils FENDIFRENESIA Pink

FOLLOWING the success of last winter’s FENDIFRENESIA Yellow Scented Baguette line that launched in Miami, Fendi and the leading fragrance house Maison Francis Kurkdjian present FENDIFRENESIA Pink.

The Italian luxury fashion house has partnered with well-known perfumer Francis Kurkdjian for the new line inspired by the colour pink.

The ultra feminine shade has been interpreted into a floral, subtle eau de parfum and further translating into the classic Fendi regular Baguette bag, the Nano Baguette and a card case. Using the brand’s signature Selleria Cuoi Romano leather in this collection makes this capsule collection come full circle as the material was the source of the inspiration for this series.


The FENDIFRENESIA Pink has an additional dimension to it. Adding another sensorial experience to this exciting new world of pink, Fendi are giving you the chance to feel, visualise and now hear the fragrance. The brand are using Sine, a synthetic interpretation of the fragrance to give the customer a deeper look into the fragrance by Roman StudioAIRA!

by Imogen Clark 

Only available on fendi.com and Harrods UK