Fendidi installation introduces the full Fendi family

FAMILY is the focus of Fendi’s latest chapter of their Fendidi series, with the original Fendidi installation being expanded to include more members of the clan.

The first iteration of Fendidi was launched to celebrate the Fendi x Jackson Wang capsule collection, with a panda installation – designed by artist Oscar Wang – placed at the entrance of Shamao Street, at Chengdu IFS. The installation measured an impressive 3.3 metres high and 2 metres wide and was surrounded by glass walls.

fendidi family

New family members have been introduced, in the second Fendidi chapter

Now, the second chapter has added some new members of the family, with Fendidi now accompanied by Fendiva (his wife) and the little pandas, aptly named Fendini, for his children.

The family reunion is being housed at PDCI to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and want to wish all who see them a prosperous new year.

by Simone Williams