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The time has come to make a new addition to your newsstands now that Glass is happy to announce our first fully incorporated mobile app. Offering a world of the integrity and ingenuity that we pride ourselves on, the new app, available now on the App Store, allows readers to subscribe, save and access every single issue of Glass all the way back to issue one. There really is no better way to have a library of high fashion, high culture and high art at your very fingertips.

Above all else, we have now pooled all of our social media platforms into one combined service, providing easy access to the wealth of Glass content that springs up 24/7 on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Sina Weibo accounts. For instant access to all of this and more get a hold of the app on your IPhone right away.

Download the new app on Itunes now:

by Liam Feltham

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Glass Online fashion writer

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