Glass discovers Norwegian outerwear brand Serac

WE THINK it’s safe to say that when it comes to buying outerwear, we trust Norwegian brands, and SERAC proves our instinct correct. Prioritising keeping warm, dry and protected against the bitter winter can make it difficult to stay chic, however SERAC shows us how it’s done in their new launch. Their small, but perfectly curated selection of jackets lives up their tagline, Cover your Everyday, as they deliver a collection that is robust and high-quality without compromising on style. SERAC guarantees to keep you looking cool, but staying warm.

Adopting the ideology of wear and care, rather than wear and tear, the previous lead technical designer for Helly Hansen, Tore Mortvedt, brings us his vision of sustainability without compromising on convenience, freedom of movement or quality. SERAC’s coats are derived from the ethos that through their utilisation of  high-quality materials and meticulous designs, they provide real tangible value which minimises the lack of care for our clothing which has culminated in devaluation and disregard. SERAC conspires to endure the cold weather and the test of time, as well as becoming your new wardrobe essential.

T1 Down Parka, SERAC

SERAC has three styles in their core collection that combines the chic of the city with the athleticism and protection of a ski jacket.  Designed in Norway and developed in Northern Italy, the brand has collaborated with PESPOW SPA (who are known for their partnerships with the likes of Burberry, Moncler and Stella McCartney), a collaboration which ensures quality and defines the identity of SERAC. Inspired by technical sportswear and the Norwegian outdoors, SERAC is focused on developing ergonomically-constructed products to elevate the experience of the wearer.

T2 Hybrid Coat, SERAC

Each coat and jacket in the collection has been meticulously designed with the highest quality materials, functionality and the mobility of the wearer in mind. SERAC uses the first machine-washable waterproof fabric, Staywax, making the maintenance of their outerwear pieces simple and convenient; and ageing like leather, the coat moulds to you over time effortlessly adapting to the wearers’ movements. Furthermore, Primaloft is used to ensure warmth without the excess bulk and lack of transportability.

T3 Bomber Jacket, SERAC

Centring on craftsmanship and quality, SERAC triumphantly brings us our new winter allies. With their interchangeable collars, each coat can be updated whenever you desire a change in your outerwear. Their resolve is self-evident in their attention to quality, durability and style. Crafted for mobility and resilience, the new Norwegian brand brings us exactly what we need to stay contemporary and warm as the weather gets harsher.

by Robyn Ngan

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