Glass dives into the wine region of Champagne at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

ONLY two hours away from Paris the Royal Champagne Hotel & Sps is located. Situated on Champagne’s UNESCO Heritage Site, its restaurant Le Royal offers a five-course menu from the heart of the Champagne wine region.

Le royalChampagne Wine Region

The recently awarded Michelin star restaurant offers fine dining with a contemporary atmosphere. Whether enjoying a glass of subtle champagne alongside a flavoured crab with kaffir lime or savouring a glass of more dense and harmonious champagne next to a turbot served with seaweed butter and seasonal vegetables, the dessert is paired with a glass of rosé Champagne.

All dishes from its signature menu are served with specially chosen Champagne houses so visitors can revel in a selection of expertly paired in-house wines selected by the hotel’s Chef Sommelier.

Dégustation at Le Royal

le royal featureRestaurant Le Royal and Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland

Beginning from May, visitors will have the chance to sample a different Champagne house each month and receive the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of Maison Leclerc Briant. Focusing on sustainable agriculture, Leclerc Briant’s entire vineyard has been certified as organic with 100 per cent vegan Champagnes. The Champagnes culinary scene is led by Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland.

by Viola Li

The Signature menu at Le Royal costs €180 (currently approx. £155) with an additional €150 (currently approx. £130) for the Champagne House Dining Experience per person.

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