Glass dines at VUN Andrea Aprea in Milan

SITUATED within the luxurious Park Hyatt in the heart of Milan, two Michelin-starred restaurant VUN Andrea Aprea offers an exclusive gastronomic dining experience. Chef Andrea Aprea seamlessly combines innovation with simplicity, elevating traditional Italian cooking to lofty new levels. The relationships between acidity, bitterness and sweetness are the key to his dishes, creating an explosion of flavours on your palette.

The VUN Andrea Aprea restaurant in the Park Hyatt Milan

VUN’s opulent interiors mirror the unique dining experience, creating a comfortable ambience for guests. Shades of sand, ivory and anthracite envelop diners, providing a minimal and cosy environment with an elevated attention to detail. The warm and delicate lighting of the hall is focused on tables, guiding each guest into a sensory experience with the food.

The experience is accompanied by impeccable service which remained extremely attentive, professional and friendly throughout my visit, with each course expertly explained in the utmost detail. With an extensive wine list and cocktail menu to complement the meal, their award-winning bartenders and mixologists did an excellent job of keeping our glasses full all evening.

A server tends to diners at the VUN Andrea Aprea

Prompted by our server, we ordered the Caprese dolce Salato, an elegantly constructed twist on the traditional Caprese salad which accentuates the harmony between the sweet and the salty. Andrea Aprea, VUN’s head chef, recommends combining the dish with sparkling Valverde water to elevate the flavours. Encased in a hard sugar shell, it looks almost too good to eat – when gently tapped, the cheese oozes and cools onto the basil and tomatoes. The sweet note of sugar combines with the softness of the creamy mozzarella, the acidity of the tomatoes and the sharpness of the anchovy, seeping in to create a heavenly cheesy goodness which melts in the mouth.

VUN Andrea Aprea tortello cacio e pepe

Tortello cacio e pepe is a delicate remake of the traditional cheese and pepper dish. The one-bite pasta is accentuated with hints of caramelised onions- the result is a wonderful unwinding of flavours. The acute taste of pepper emerges first followed by the flavoursome cheese and the fluffy pasta dough, no doubt leaving you longing for more. The Black Pork 100 Hours includes smoked cheese, honey and chilli pepper, infusing the meat with complex layers of flavour.

Seppia alla Diavola, Patata, rafano, cavolo acidulo

The Seppia alla Diavola, Patata, rafano, cavolo acidulo incorporates cuttlefish with horseradish, potato and sour cabbage. The dish is presented beautifully, an abstract work of art composed of vivid colours and dominated by delicious scents. A play between the balance of spicy, sweet and sour, fresh flavours combine and create a consistency that dissolves on the palette.

The VUN Andrea Aprea restaurant entrance

Overall, it was a wonderfully indulgent experience – treat yourself to a culinary adventure at VUN; dishes are complex and balanced, with simple flavours refined to new heights. Andrea Aprea’s cooking is a thoughtful construction which enchants at every bite, honouring the heritage of Italian cuisine and striking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

By Faye Leung

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