Glass exclusively showcases the Attracta Beauty Awards 2022

FOR THIS year’s prestigious Attracta Beauty Awards, Glass exclusively shares the top 8 products that were awarded the first prize. Founded on the principle of celebrating new launches based on merit across make-up, skincare and wellness, Attracta Courtney’s eponymous celebration ensures that her and the panelists industry insider knowledge helps put products on pedestals that they deserve.

Examining each product using inclusive language, Attracta Courtney summarises the aim of the awards: “I wanted to demystify and challenge negative language and attitudes to ageing and create an expert network comprising of professionals from across the beauty industry to test product, share recommendations, collaborate on knowledge, and discover inspiring brands.

I can honestly say the beauty judges come to the AB judging process each year with an open mind and desire only to award the best products”.

For the first time this year, the awards are being held in person over an intimate ceremony in London. Featuring guest speaker Jessi Baker MBE, the founder and CEO of Provenance, the following products have undergone objective examining from a panel that permeates through the industry helping discover authentic, clean products that balance beauty with nature.

Best Hand Sanitiser – Weleda Calendula & Chamomile Hand Sanitiser

Attracta Beauty Awards WELEDA Hand Sanitiser

Coming with a glass refillable bottle, this sophisticated hand sanitiser by Weleda is perfect for on-the-go with its easy transferrable nature to decant it into the spray bottle keeping you safe from germs during the day.

The water-like texture absorbs quickly into the skin with the benefit of not drying your skin out due to the added hydrating glycerin. What’s more is that the ingredients are all sourced in the UK and come from biodynamic gardens in Derbyshire ensuring sustainability is at the core of this product.

Best Body Wash Sea Magik PRO Heavenly Bath Shower Gel

Attracta Beauty Awards - Sea Magik

The multifunctional aspect to this product is what immediately caught the attention of the judges as preference on bath or shower is one that divides most but this product offers no split and rather a solution – it can be used in both. With a fragrance that lingers after showering and a formula that goes from gel to foam, cleansing your skin whether you’re standing or immersed in water has never felt more lush.

Best Body Oil – Kalmar Peace Reconnect Body & Massage Oil

Attracta Beauty Awards - Kalmar Peace Reconnect Body and Massage Oil

Hailed by all the judges and considered a “true spa moment”, this oil by Kalmar absorbs almost immediately after touching your skin, avoiding that sticky feeling many leave, and ensures your skin smells heavenly all day long.

Best Day MoisturiserMeder Beauty Salva-Derm Cream  

Attract Beauty Awards - Salva-Derm Cream

Simultaneously lightweight and dewy, this brand blew the judges away with their moisturiser that leaves your skin radiant whilst aiding in calming any redness. Whilst this side of the product was impressive, what was more interesting was the use of prebiotics as its key ingredients, tapping into the microbiome maintenance and skin barrier recovery.

Best Night Moisturiser Irene Forte Hibiscus Night Cream

Attracta Beauty Awards 2022

Tapping into the luxury aspect of skincare, this night cream received compliments for its super rich, velvety feel to it that surprisingly sunk into the skin quickly. Infused with high-performing active ingredients and encased in a refillable packaging, they were left waking up with very hydrated skin.

Best Hydrating Serum – Skingredients Skin Veg

Attracta Beauty Awards - Skin Veg

Praised for its ease, this pre-hydrating serum contains great ingredients and a formula that absorbs quickly leaving your skin refreshed.

Best Hair Treatment Product – Rossano Ferretti prodigio Regenerating Treatment

Attracta Beauty - Rossano Ferretti Parma - Prodigio Regenerating Treatment.PNG

With some judges stating it was the best treatment for curls and for enhancing hair density, this pre-shampoo proved its benefits across the panel. Leaving your hair truly nourished is difficult to do at home but this product ticked all the boxes.

Best SPFLips – Albus & Flora Multi-active lip balm UVA|UVB SPF0 Nude Flora

Attracta Beauty - SPF Lip

Having come to the conclusion of the necessity of SPF in your skincare routine, often the forgotten place to protect from UV rays are the lips. Ideal for not only hydration but also sun protection, this lip calm gives a healthy natural lip tone with a subtle finish – great for all lip tones.

Discover all the finalist and winners here.

Coming together to celebrate the wins across the board, here is a small glimpse at the Attracta Beauty Awards 2022:

attracta beuaty 2022Photograph: Aurelia Berg

attracta beuaty 2022Photograph: Aurelia Berg

attracta beuaty 2022Photograph: Aurelia Berg

attracta beuaty 2022Photograph: Aurelia Berg

attracta beuaty 2022Photograph: Aurelia Berg