Glass experiences deep relaxation with GROUND Wellbeing at Bvlgari Spa

LOCATED in Knightsbridge next to Hyde Park lies Bvlgari Hotel – the Italian jewellery brand’s sole London resort. Embodying luxurious elegance, when the hotel opened in 2012, it was the most expensive hotel in London. Now, the hotel continues to amaze and enthral with its state-of-the-art facilities. The hotel has everything from a full gymnasium and physical training centre with an on-site personal training team to a 47-seat screening room.

However, it’s impossible to talk about the hotel without mentioning its ultimate attraction – its beautiful spa. Fitted with 11 single treatment rooms, 1 private spa suite and a 25-metre, three-lane swimming pool, the space is breathtakingly designed.

Teaming up with some of the world’s most prestigious skincare brands, Bvlgari Spa is setting new standards in the world of wellbeing. In particular, the spa offers a series of treatments from GROUND Wellbeing. Founded by Peigín Crowley in 2020’s lockdown, the luxury brand centres itself around holistic healing and utilises 100% natural, plant-based ingredients.

“It is a privilege to collaborate with The Bvlgari Spa, this is a team of intuitive therapists with an innate ability to tune into the body and to harness their skills for the greater good whether that be for insomnia, stress or hormonal health. Sincere wellness lives at the heart of this team making them a truly special partner for GROUND,” explains Crowley.

Upon entering the spa and speaking to Peigín, GROUND’s mission becomes irrefutably clear. Moving away from traditional beauty/spa treatments, Crowley has centred the brand around more intimate affairs. The products have been expertly formulated to tackle issues such as anxiety, insomnia, hormone fluctuations, burnout and gut health.

As a result, GROUND continues to evolve and mature with its customer’s needs. In 2021, the Balancing CBD Balm and Balancing Massage Ritual were launched to address PMS, fertility and pregnancy journeys. Meanwhile, in 2022, the brand turned its gaze towards Cancer Care and released The Barróg Collection. Emphasising stress relief and comfort, the collection provides respite for those going through active treatment and other surgeries.

With her products being stocked in affluent hotels such as The Rosewood in Hong Kong, The Four Seasons in Boston and The Waldorf Astoria in Berlin, Beverley Hills and Edinburgh, it comes as no surprise that Peigín’s brand fits in perfectly at Bvlgari Spa.

In a celebration of tranquillity, Bvlgari and GROUND have joined forces to create a series of relaxing massages – including the Bvlgari Spa exclusive, the WANDERING. Available as a 90 or 120-minute treatment, the massage centres itself around the Vagus nerve – the heart of one’s parasympathetic nervous system. Perfect for those needing to connect with the inner self, the full-body massage works to calm stress and hormonal fluctuations.

As I enter one of the spa’s single treatment rooms, I am offered the choice between three of GROUND’s aromatic oils. My incredible masseuse, Marzena Podcasinska, provides me with further insight as I opt for a Sweet Orange and Geranium concoction – perfect for rebalancing one’s inner strength and fortitude. 

Connecting the brain with the longest cranial nerve, the massage leaves me feeling relaxed, revitalised and deeply rested. Alongside the WANDERING treatment, the team offer a variety of different massages, each tailored to individual needs and problem areas.

Intertwining sustainability, wellbeing and self-care, Bvlgari and GROUND are a match made in heaven. For those feeling particularly stressed or anxious, a GROUND treatment at The Bvlgari Spa will certainly remedy and restore your body.

Treatments are available for 30 minutes (£110), 60 minutes (£210), 90 minutes (£310), or 120 minutes (£370). For more information and to book, please visit here.

by Sophie Richardson