Glass interviews Jayda G ahead of her Genesis powered DJ set

Jayda G’s song ‘Both Of Us’  dominated our lockdown soundtrack in 2020. The Grammy-nominated Canadian producer has a reputation for bringing good vibes with her disco-injected electric tracks. Jayda G worked her magic on Dua Lipa’s track ‘Cool’ for the Club Future Nostalgia album, and her most recent summer single Mine O’ Mine is guaranteed to boost your dopamine. 

Jayda G is prepped to take the virtual stage for a Global DJ headline slot this week, however, this isn’t a regular gig. The concert will be entirely powered by the all-electric Genesis GV60 car battery. Supporting her is the South Korean-born producer and DJ, Didi Han. 

Glass sat down with Jayda G ahead of her big gig to chat about all things music, lockdown and cars. 

Details of Jayda G’s DJ set.

Hey Jayda, how are you feeling ahead of the global DJ set for Genesis?

Feeling pretty good! Excited! Really excited about being a part of this special event for Genesis and cool to be part of the first global stream to be powered by a car.

You’re a Grammy-nominated artist, but you also have a Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management. How did you transition into DJing from that, and do you find it hard to balance your two passions?

I spent 10 years of my life involved in that community; doing my undergrad, my master’s and working in biology and ecology. Though, yes, transitioning into DJing was hard – it was basically doing two full-time jobs at the same time, which I don’t recommend doing. I was writing my master’s thesis, DJing here and there on the side, released an EP, and it started to snowball without me really realizing it until I was DJing internationally full-time all over the world and still writing my thesis. It was tough. I defended my thesis in 2018, and I remember posting about it on socials when I passed it was so sweet because I had a booking to play a festival – everyone I saw was congratulating me on defending my thesis, which is so wonderful. The same thing just happened recently when I got married in September – at all my shows people were congratulating me on my wedding. To have fans know these bits about your life and being able to be a part of it makes you feel connected with people a bit more. But yes, it was hard to bounce those two passions for sure. 

What advice would you give to young musicians and producers who want to break into the Industry?

Stick to what you love! Don’t look to what other people are doing and saying. I always say I keep my blinders on and don’t pay attention to what other DJs are doing or what other artists are doing unless it inspires me. Otherwise, it can just make you feel like you have to do something that you’re not already doing. You must always remember that your gift is you being you – there’s no one in the world there is like you… I know that’s super corny but it’s true and is the biggest thing I would say to DJs and producers – stick to what makes you happy and let that be the guiding force in terms of your decision making. 

As a Canadian, I’m curious to know how you would describe the music scene in Canada.

Honestly, I haven’t lived in Canada since 2016 so I wouldn’t really say I know what the music scene is like in Canada. From 2010-2016 I was pretty involved in the underground music scene; it was a thriving small community with people who really cared about the scene and put their efforts into bringing good acts to the local area, giving students and young people an experience. That’s what DJing is about – giving people a musical experience, and it was such a wholesome way to get involved in the community. Now, I imagine it’s probably still the same – and all over the world – these music communities are born out of something small, maybe just 20-25 people who all show the same love for the same genre of music and just want to share that with people. Those grow and blossom into so many other things but the startings are usually the same and that’s how I would at least describe the music scene in Vancouver during that period of time when I was living there. 

If Canada had to be summarized with a song, what would it be?

Oh gosh, I have no idea haha! I keep thinking of the Canadian folk songs cause that’s one of the things that Canada is known for, but I would have to come back to you on that one.

Your song ‘Both of Us’ was a huge success over lockdown. Did you find that the lockdown impacted your creativity as an artist? If so, how?

Yes! I was one of those people who felt like they were able to finally be more creative cause I was just home. I wasn’t touring, I wasn’t travelling I wasn’t in many places over the year, and I was able to focus and sit down and put pen to paper all these ideas I had floating in my head but just didn’t have the time or energy to do it. ‘Both Of Us’ did really well over the pandemic, and I couldn’t have foreseen any of that, but I feel so lucky and really thankful for all the things that happened around that song. It ended up being released at the right time and you can’t plan those things – those things are the beauty of music in a lot of ways when it just strikes and hits people in their hearts at the right time. 

Your upcoming DJ set with Genesis is powered by an electric car battery. What is something that powers you up before a gig? E.g Do you have a ritual you do before playing a set? Do you eat/drink something specific?

That’s funny! I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that question before. I listen to disco tracks while I’m doing my make-up and dance around my hotel room – that’s what I do! Disco always puts me in a happy mood. It’s the genre that has gotten me out of hard times when I’m feeling really low, and life is just hard for whatever reason. So yes, I play pumped-up disco music to get me ready before a set. In terms of eating/drinking – I am really lame, and just drink water and Coca-Cola. That’s what gets me going. Disco and Coca-Cola – that’s my power-up! 

Jayda G.

Your DJ sets seem to have a clear disco and soul backbone. What music influenced you growing up, and how does it play a part in your work today?

Exactly that! I grew up on soul and disco. It’s what really filled me as a kid. My dad was really into old Soul/RnB-music and my mom was really into classical and jazz. My sister, she was super into disco music and RnB, my brother was into hip-hop and RnB. My family is a huge part of what I listen to now. They formed the backbone of what I’m playing for you guys now. So yes, it definitely plays into what I work with today. 

If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?


Lastly, as you’re DJing at a Genesis event, I want to ask what your dream car is!

Honestly, the Genesis cars look so cool! I don’t have a car because living in London allows me to use public transportation to get around everywhere, but if I were to get one, as an environmental activist and biologist, a big part of my thought process would be finding one that is electric and good for the environment.

by Katrina Mirpuri 

Catch the Genesis Sound Electrified live stream of Jayda G and Didi Han’s DJ sets here on November 30 at 19:45 UK time. 

If you can’t make it or need some new musical inspiration, check out Jayda G’s hand-selected Spotify playlist below.