Glass previews the Experimental Perfume Club pop-up at Selfridges

DID you know the human nose has roughly 400 different types of scent receptors that can detect at least one trillion different odours? Let that sink in: one trillion odours.

Experimental Perfume Club Fragrances

So with those wild facts in mind, it becomes less of a surprise that mass produced perfume doesnt always live up to our expectations. What may be the most incredible smell for one person can be totally unbearable for another. Your scent preferences are unique to you and more importantly, they change over time. You wouldnt be alone in wishing your favourite perfume could fit your evolving, distinctive style.

Wish no more. London-based Experimental Perfume Club is set to officially opened a Layers collection pop up at Selfridges tailored to enhancing our own individual scent preferences. Incorporating eco-friendly practices while encouraging visitors to take ownership of their creative license, the pop up is set to offer a bespoke experience of endless olfactory possibilities.

Experimental Perfume Club still life of Selfridges pop-up

One element I know I’m going to be particularly a fan of is the top-notch technical process and scientific algorithm that will help individuals narrow down their perfume of choice to three possible choices of formula. Even better, the Experimental Perfume Club promises to go a step further for this particular pop up by letting customers customise upon their results, name their fragrance and have it bottled up with a distinct label.  

Experimental Perfume Club Refill Fountain

And since its 2019 and we all want to shop environmentally guilt free, the perfume refill station will help put any of our eco issues at rest. Reduced carbon footprint plus reduced prices? Sign me up.

by Maria Noyen

The Experimental Perfume Club Layers pop-up will be open from November 2019 with a 50ml Eau de Parfum priced £95

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