Tried, tested, loved – Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum

OH I do love a serum that smells of roses and offers 24-hour moisture. Having been unable to stay up for 24 hours for many years now, I have no way of knowing, if, while I am sleeping, optimum moisture is being delivered at regular intervals. Truth be told, I could sleep in an oxygen tent with one of those vitamin injection drips, and still look cadaverous in the morning.


Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum

But it’s nice to wake up wearing a rose-scented face, if not rose-tinted specs. The natural ingredients contained in the US beauty brand Fresh’s recently launched Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum include Angelica leaf, which retains moisture, and “smart” algae ( as opposed to its special needs cousin, differently-abled algae) and the all-important rosewater and refreshing cucumber extract. The serum goes on with the lightest of touch and leaves no sticky residue. It smells so nice you don’t even need perfume.

After three weeks of suggested morning and night application, I find my facial skin much softer to the touch, and I’m getting a lot of, “Something’s different about you. Have you been away?” compliments. An added benefit is during the briefest of heatwaves in our grey and rainy town, it has a lovely cooling effect. I would love to try a product like this for the whole body.

by Michele Kirsch

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum (30ml) £44 and is available from Fresh Fresh boutiques and Harrods.

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