Glass reviews Guerlain’s Autumn Make Up Collection

FOR anyone looking to smooth the transition from summer to fall, Guerlain limited make-up edition collection has recently swooped in to save the day. With an incredible array of highlighting bronzer, mattifying powder and metallic lipsticks, the makeup brand is single-handedly ensuring we all keep the summer glow we worked oh so hard to get.

Limited Edition Highlighter by Guerlain

First and foremost, the brand’s iconic KissKiss Diamond Lipsticks now come in three new bright and fresh shades, all of which truly complement any skin tone. The luscious sheen of the modern metallic texture adds volume and moisture to the lip, highlighting a feminine cupids bow. And yet, the best feature about these new additions is the incredible formula enriched with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres.

Limited Edition KissKiss Metallic Finish Diamond Lipstick by Guerlain

One of the more groovy additions to the collection is the exclusive Metallic- to- Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, which comes in a gorgeous burgundy and various bold khaki shades. The two-in-one graphic liners have an innovative metallic-to-glitter finish. They are formulated to transform a simple daytime or evening look through an essential pop of colour as well as a magnificent glitter, all in one swipe. For any of us that avoid daring makeup looks because they seem complicated, these little tubes of magic are the ideal solution.

Eyeliner Metallic to Glitter Liquid Liner by Guerlain

Guerlain is also giving us something to look forward to in October, as the brand is set to launch another incredible product in an effort to outshine seasonal blues. The Limited Edition Finishing and Illuminating Powder doesn’t give you just any ordinary matte finish, but rather a definitive illumination that helps keep your make up in place. And if the cooler temperatures have a drying effect on your skin, powdering on some of this will keep your skin looking hydrated and happy.

Limited Edition Parure Gold Setting Powder by Guerlain

But the ultimate favourite of the entire collection has got to be the limited edition Face Highlighting Baked Powder. Nicknamed the “suntan in a pan”, it gives an all-around glow that helps maintain and prolong summer tans, even though were waving goodbye to warmth of the British heatwaves. With a light-weight formula, its guaranteed to become your new make-up must-haves. For the best results, combine the highlighter with the collections Limited Edition Parure Gold Setting Powder. Itll leave your skin looking healthier and more illuminated than ever. We love.

by Sophie Alchamolac


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