Glass reviews Kear Hydrate Relax Body Oil

THERE comes a time in one’s life when one no longer looks “dewy”.  Dewy is youth, a dairy maid in a Thomas Hardy novel, an English Rose. There is a sheen of effortless effort, not too shiny, just glowing. It’s the kind of look where people tell you look “well” and it’s not a euphemism for “You’ve gained weight.”

kear hydrate oilKear Hydrate Relax Body Oil £40 (50ml)

Now I’ve not looked dewy in ages, but I look even less dewy in winter, when I dart between artificial dry heat and a scientific freezing point of vital bodily fluids. Despite the precipitation, the moisture outside, my skin is parched, particularly my legs and arms, where the ghost white tinge is exacerbated by horrible stuff on the brink of flaking off.

Now the strange thing about moisturiser is that most contain water, aqua, to sound posher, and water dries up and that does not help.

Kear products, and I’ve had lovely results with the ace face balm, dispense with the aqua and get on to the more important bits that make a barrier between, in my case, my dry flaky skin, and the bad old environment.

The body oil, the formulation drawn upon wise and ancient Greek tradition, contains olive oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, chamomile and rosemary.

After a bath, with a brisk towel dry, it leaves the skin soft and silky and nourished and feeling “dewy” the Alpha and Omega of skin care. The scent is light and natural, clean. I lay it on rather thickly after a night bath, and when I look at my limbs the next morning, they look dewy and feel supple Now, if I only had some cows to milk…


by Michele Kirsch

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