Glass reviews Patchology Roll Model Eye Serums and Rosé Eye Gels

WHETHER you are a resolute night owl or spend many hours sucked into the swirling vortex of a screen, sleep deprivation and dehydration can quickly spawn dark circles and suffering under eyes. Consequently, skincare company Patchology was developed to provide a plethora of effective products to conquer this common plight and rescue the skin’s natural radiance.

With a background in medical patch technology, Patchology has devised a leading line of masks and hydrogels, which fuse superior performance with practicality.

Patchology Rose Eye Gels

Rosé Eye Gels are £14 at Space NK.

Patchology is celebrated for their nutrient-rich under eye patches, permeated with potent hydration and skin-protecting properties, with the recent release of the Rosé Eye Gels underpinning Patchology’s pre-eminence within this sphere. The effervescent, slightly sparkling eye gels are formulated with sweet strawberry extract to protect from environmental stressors, and brightening antioxidants Resveratrol squeezed from grapes.

The gels are consciously crafted to submerge the entire under eye area in a revitalising boost of hyaluronic acid. Painless to apply and remove, Rosé Eye Gels plumped and soothed my skin, eliminating my persistently dry under eyes.


Patchology Roll Model Eye Serum

The Rose Quartz Moisturising Roll Model is £20 at Patchology.

For dry, cracked under eyes, The Rose Quartz Moisturising Roll Model is a hydrating hero, soaking the skin in a dewy veil of moisture. Composed of a fruit-ladened formula that is infused with lashings of hyaluronic acid’s powerful hydration to enliven and replenish the skin, along with nutrient-rich banana and tropical mango extract to nourish the under eye area.

The Roll model gently permeates the skin with a profusion of product, which retrains from pulling on the delicate skin. Within a week of using The Rose Quartz Roll Model, my under eyes were visibly more radiant, plumped and revitalised with a silky and smooth texture.


Patchology Roll Model Brightening Eye Serum

The Roll Model Brightening Eye Serum is £20 at Patchology.

Created to combat dark circles and dull, damaged under eyes, The Roll Model Brightening Eye Serum glides seamlessly over the skin and brightens the area with a breath of coolness. The formula is comprised of vitamin C to protect skin cells and neutralise hyper-pigmentation for a levelled, illuminated skin tone.

The serum is also instilled with antioxidants kiwi and grapefruit extract, glistening pearlescent minerals to deliver a blissful beam and fused with a dose of caffeine to improve micro-stimulation. Every morning this serum awakened my under eyes with brisk coolness, visibly reducing puffiness and the appearance of my blue-toned under eyes.

by Sophia Ford-Palmer