Glass reviews science-led Nutrakos skincare

NUTRAKOS is a science-based skincare company with its own patented amino acid formulas which aim to help to rebuild collagen and elastin. The brand even sells drinkable amino acid shots to improve skin from the inside out. Nutrakos produce futuristic skincare products that really worked for me.Nutrakos Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask HR

Nutrakos Anti-wrinkle Face Mask
(pack of 8, 5ml masks retails at £47.99)

Nutrakos Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask
As I slept, the mask tightened around my face like a supportive second skin – it was breathable and nourishing. Peeling it off in the morning felt space age, as it looked like a latex sheen across my face, peeling pulled up my lip, giving me a satisfyingly surly scowl.  My skin looked strong , firm and even textured, renewed, relieved of any sagging or bagging – looking way more youthful than the previous day.

I totally love this simple, quick wrinkle remedy. It is particularly good if you have an event that you want to wake up and look fresh for, like a 9am zoom call. Reminiscent of Eve Lom’s TLC cream in texture, this sublime, super-absorbable gel activates skin hydration and seemed to reinforce the structure of my skin, diminishing my lines and wrinkles as it lifted.
Nutrakos Anti-Age Face Cream SPF 15
Nutrakos Anti-age  Face Cream SPF15
(50 ml, £77.99)
Nutrakos Anti-ageing Face Cream SPF15
The amino and hyaluronic acid, calcium ketogluconate formulation of this cream aims to combat ageing of the skin, while the added SPF15 gives protection from harmful rays. One pump of this comforting and nourishing emulsion is enough to moisturise the whole face. I gently dabbed it on my skin in the day and evening and felt my skin drink it up – becoming firmer and more hydrated. After a day of using it, I saw and felt the difference and, as time went on, it kept giving more tone and radiance to my complexion, increasing  elasticity and even imbuing it with more firmness and structure.
I found the Nutrakos face cream a wonderfully healing and uplifting moisturiser which can be worn on its own, or over the equally amazing intensive anti-ageing serum.
Nutrakos Intensive Anti Age Serum
Nutrakos Intensive Anti-Age Serum
This dreamy serum really does the job and is – again – unbelievably comforting and supportive, like snuggling under a super-soft blanket, that gives miraculous skin results. It works for all skin types, including oily – releasing an army of amino acids and anti wrinkle peptides together with hydrating elements – giving age-defying powers and that extra boost we all need this winter.
by Sara Kirkwood