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NUTRITIONAL supplements require a modicum of dedication, one which I am usually not keen to try, partially because it’s another thing to remember to do each day – take the pills – and the other thing is, it takes a while to notice a difference.

However, I was intrigued by Seamoss + supplement’s reported medicinal and cosmetic advantages, without being chockfull of chemicals and stuff I can’t pronounce. I like the old-time medicine vibe of it. They’ve been using it in the Caribbean for ages, in the UK, sold as a drink that is absolutely an acquired taste.

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Seamoss + by Mineral London, capsules

These supplements come in capsule form, and the suggested dose is three a day, and the only thing you have to do, is take them.  The reported benefits are improved skin, better energy and supported immune system.  The naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in the sea moss – zinc, riboflavin, vitamin C and iodine, have been shown to be beneficial for all of the above, but the biggest change I’ve noticed after three weeks of sea moss, is better energy and general metabolism efficiency. How do I know?  I don’t crave coffee, like, at all. This is weird. But good.

When I eat carbs, I usually feel sleepy but not lately. I feel the sea moss is improving my digestion, not only in regularity, but in using the food I do eat in a more productive way. My energy levels are on a more even keel, without the surges and slumps I get when I rely too heavily on sugar and caffeine, things I no longer crave. That’s miraculous.  Haven’t had coffee for two weeks and no withdrawal headache.

They don’t even tell you about this! I know, “Fancy meeting for a few seamoss pills?”Doesn’t have the same allure as coffee and cake invite, but that’s what MY friends will be offered in the near future. You can order SEA Moss Supplements from website  like You can contact them online if you have any questions or concerns about their product.

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Seamoss + Minerals London

by Michele Kirsch

Sea Moss + retails at £28 per 90 capsules are available at Mineral London

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