Glass reviews the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer

JANUARY is a rough month for the most of us, while half the country is partaking in vegan-uary or dry-anuary others are just trying to get through the harsh weather conditions terrorising the new year. The marks of overindulgence and sleep deprivation are still apparent on our faces. Here at Glass we’re all for embracing your natural beauty, but a little magic eraser can’t do any harm. Introducing our January must-have: The MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer.

2019_UHD CONCEALER_PRODUCT & TEXTUREShade swatches MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer

Subjecting this new concealer to the critical eyes of Glass, our beauty team took it upon themselves to test out this new product, putting it through the test on different skin types and conditions. Here’s the Glass verdict.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer

Lupe, combo-oily skin:

My daily make-up routine consists of concealer, mascara, a bright lip colour and some blinding highlighter. As my concealer is a substitute for both my powder and foundation, high-coverage is crucial to me. It needs to both cover my under-eye bags as well as my redness. This concealer definitely passes that test, it applies effortlessly with a damp beauty blender as well as with my – clean – fingertips and doesn’t seem to clog or emphasise my pores.

Testing the extent of its full-coverage, I went for a walk in the minus-temperatures wearing the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer and soon after taking refuge in a coffee shop, waiting for my cheeks to turn crimson red. Although they were boiling up the concealer did a impeccable job at not letting that shine through, leaving me with a flawless complexion.

The Ultra HD passed the last step of my rigorous testing at nighttime, by providing me a cotton pad covered in concealer, after only touching up once and steering clear of an setting powder or spray as the concealer claims to be self-setting. Thoroughly impressed by the Ultra HD, I have introduced it to my daily make-up family.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer

Lucy, Combo-dry skin:

Nothing dries out my skin more than the frosty weather we have here in London at the moment. Any glow has been sucked out by Jack Frost, leaving my skin feeling uncomfortably tight and looking considerably tired and dull. In search of a skin saviour to help, enter: Ultra HD concealer.

Im quite the medium-full coverage girl day to day – including bronzer, blusher and highlight – but I always want to look as natural as possible. I need complexion cosmetics that can blend seamlessly together and play well with powders. I used this concealer in Shade 12, which is perfect for brightening under my eyes and lifting the high points of my face. Once applied on top of my foundation, I felt my glow return! My skin didn’t feel caked with product, and any fine lines were easily blended away with a buffing brush.

As for wear throughout the day, I didnt feel the need to touch up with powder around mid-afternoon as I usually need to. My colleagues commented that it looked like Id had a great nights sleep – which was even better considering I had been out rather late the night before! Thank you MAKE UP FOR EVER for giving me my glow back this chilly January.

by Lupe Baeyens and Lucy May McCracken 


The MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD concealer is available in 20 different shades and retails at £22 and is available at Debenhams,, and Indulge Beauty.


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