Glass’ Saturday Night Playlist – Liam Channels Alexis Carrington

Listen to our Design Editor’s Glass Spotify playlist – Liam Channels Alexis Carrington on our Spotify channel glassmagazinemusic. A musical accompaniment to the one-and-only soap-diva Alexis Carrington as brought to life by actress Joan Collins in the 1980s drama Dynasty, Liam compiles the would-be soundtrack to Alexis’ day, be it in the boardroom – or bedroom.

From Eartha Kitt’s club classic Where Is My Man? to Beyoncé’s hip-hop banger Diva and with artists including ELO, Edwyn Collins, Heaven 17 and many more.

Immerse yourself in the world of one of TV’s most indomitable shoulder-padded  femme fatales.

Listen to the playlist here

by Caroline Simpson