Japanese cosmetic brand Suqqu launch Reset Cleansing Emulsion facial cleanser

Niche Japanese luxury cosmetic brand Suqqu has recently introduced Reset Cleansing Emulsion into its line and it is the answer to anyone (like me) who has sensitive skin – on the ageing side – and who is in dire need of a gentle-yet-thorough cleanser that also adds moisture and comfort. The Reset Cleansing Emulsion not only removes make-up and other impurities, like dead skin cells and absorbs excess serum (oil to you and I) – but also soothes and smoothes, leaving skin comforted and hydrateed after cleansing as well.

I have found, to my great regret and dismay, that many cleansers marketed as gentle have the result of leaving my face feeling chapped, slightly sore with angry red irritated patches and I have even noticed crepey folds developing on my cheeks which only using a treatment oil have been able to remedy. So I am pretty delighted with the results of using this Suqqu emulsion as now my face post-cleanse is smooth, refreshed, plump and perfectly ready for a light serum followed by a moisturiser – rather than dry, sore and parchment-like.

Suqqu cleanserSuqqu Reset Cleansing Emulsion

Packaged in a stylish minimal bottle with a easy-to-use pump action dispenser, the Reset Cleansing Emulsion is made of high quality ingredients – as one would expect from a luxury brand  – including Evening Primrose oil and fermented rice extract which hydrate and support healthy skin post-cleansing.

It has a subtle, very pleasing fragrance with a base of  Japanese Sanzekan orchids with light citrus notes. Suqqu suggest using three pumps of the Emulsion for a thorough cleanse, but I have found one-to-two cleans the face and neck scrupulously – perhaps a little more could be used more if you are removing make-up from your face prior to going to bed. Either wash (with warm water) or tissue off, this product is a find.

by Caroline Simpson

The Suqqu Reset Cleansing Emulsion is available at Selfridges and retails at £33.00 for 150ml

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