Glass tries out Josh Wood Colour at home kit

THERE seems to be two camps of home hair-colour care:  there is the close but no cigar generic, looks close enough “lemme get it at train station chemist before my train comes”. This is a haphazard mindset – close enough, will do, and if it’s a mess, it’s only eight quid. Impulse. Why not go blue? Everyone will think I am edgy. Then there are the ones that have impossibly beautiful filmstars on the cover packaging, with very expensive highlights that don’t come in the kit, and even if they did, would you know how to do the tin-foil thing and apply them?

Don’t lie. Oh yeah and just in case you don’t know, they’ve all been photoshopped or had surgery, so none of this stuff is actually real, and rarely affordable. Except there is something new and I am deeply and importantly excited by it.


Josh Wood Colour. Brunette Set

Now there is a home-colour system in which you get a consultation, online, but still, and get the shade and roots boost expertise which will make you, post lockdown, not only presentable but also much better looking in that way people can’t put their finger on, exactly. The best way.

Josh Wood, Josh Wood, expert colourist and founder of Josh Wood Colour, but also via his home-kit product, to the likes of you and me, has cracked, bless him , that horrible side-effect of home colouring, particularly if you have grey and brittle roots, which is very sting-y application (ooh it really hurts, must be working) a shade approximating the hair that is not the root bit, and a lot of hope. No sting, no smell, but fantastic results. How can this be?


Josh Wood Colour. Blondes Set

Here is how it works. The Josh Wood Colour comes in a kit that has everything, including bowl, brush, bespoke shade ( more of which, in a mo) the cream that prevents the stuff getting on your forehead and sides , screaming “bad home-dye job”- the stuff that leaves no traces, and best and most innovative of all, a conditioner you apply with the mix, ,which lets the colour penetrate but prevents hair breakage and brittleness, which is usually part and parcel of any home dye job. Not this one.

That’s all great but not even the best bit. If you approximate your shade, as I usually do, you have a much more accurate option with this, which is to log into the Josh wood site and click on the bit that says Find Your Shade.  At this point you can do it by questionnaire or with a free consultation (online) with a colourist.


Josh Wood Colour. Brunette Set

I got a shade that left me gasping in “this is way too optimistic” mode.  I am naturally light brown, but have not been natural since the beginning of my hair history, and so my “prescription” for “Mid-Blonde” left me worried, until I tried it. The result looked professional, and the fear of too blonde was never realised. It just brought my damaged roots and overly treated hair to a shade that not only looked credible, but also healthy and full of body.


Josh Wood Colour. Shade Shot Plus Set

All home roots and dye kits usually sting and stink and make me feel this is the price and pain of home hair care. However, with the conditioning Shade Shot Plus, which conditions the hair WHILE it is colouring, going against everything I thought I knew about home jobs,  Wood has discovered  a chink in this ph. stripping armour, which is that with the right ingredients, you can strengthen and condition while colouring-a thing until now, I thought impossible.

Everything you get in the salon, apart from the colourist, is in this kit, and you are only a webchat away from an expert.

Shade Shot Plus Icy blonde

Josh Wood Colour. Shade Shot Plus

The science is not only credible but evident in the result. There is far less breakage after treatment because the conditioning shot creates a hydrophobic layer, which means it repels water and lets all the good stuff, colour and conditioner, sink into the shafts and NOT only not damage the shaft, but strengthen it.

If you are in hair salon post lockdown purgatory (“You want an appointment when?”) then this is not only the next best thing to a professional colouring, but also a proper innovation in the home kit field. No sting, no mess, brilliant result and no breakage.


Josh Wood Colour. Miracle Shot


by Michele Kirsch


Josh Wood Colour. Miracle System (including the Miracle Shot) retails at £29