In the chair with Carmelo Guastella, Men’s Grooming Director of GiellyGreen Salon

AFTER more than 20 years working as a hairdresser, Carmelo Guastella has firmly established himself as the fashion industry’s go-to grooming guy. Having left Italy for London in 1999, he walked straight into working for the exclusive Mayfair grooming spa The Refinery, having already made a name for himself back in Italy working between two of the country’s top salons.
Carmelo Guastella
After going solo in 2004, Guastella developed his own brand, working with celebrity clients such as Sacha Baron Cohen before collaborating with major brands such as Dolce & Gabbana on numerous occasions, including cutting and styling the hair of all 46 models for D&G’s SS14 Men’s show.

GiellyGreen salon in the Four Seasons Hotel London, Ten Trinity Square

New for 2018, Guastella has brought his unique talent and style to the Four Seasons Hotel London, Ten Trinity Square, where luxury boutique salon GiellyGreen have expanded to open their second location. Situated in the east wing of the hotel, the new space is quietly luxurious. The design is spare but sumptuous — gold, dark wood and chocolate brown leather intertwine throughout the salon, giving it an air of elegance whilst staying practical and near utilitarian in places.
 GiellyGreen salon in the Four Seasons Hotel London, Ten Trinity Square
Serving as Mens Grooming Director for the salon, Guastella greets me at his chair — I am, he informs he, his very first customer in the salon. It feels like an especially high honour given the man I am meeting, GQ Barber of Choice being amongst his many titles. Mostly, I’m intrigued to see his process. After a wash and condition at the rinsing bowl, I’m back in the chair, ready for his work to begin.
“My services are bespoke to the person,” he explains. “I look at age, I look at fashion trends, I look at their profession — they’re all key things.” Indeed, this is key, as Guastella explains that the foundation of any good hairstyle is a really great cut. This will mean you use less product and spend less time overall on your hair, resulting in a finished look.
 GiellyGreen salon in the Four Seasons Hotel London, Ten Trinity Square
Another thing Guastella favours is switching up your style; “one of my key philosophies is to change. Don’t always do the same thing and keep the same style forever. Guys used to have the same thing for years and years” he continues, “and many still do, but for me, it’s about changing it up. Growing hair longer and going through stages to achieve that length makes it interesting as it gives men options as to what they can do.”
Guastella, who has worked with Redken for many years, recommends five staple products for men to use to enhance their hair’s style and health. For me, chief amongst these is the velvet gelatine. When applied to damp hair and blowdried through, hair literally takes on a velvety quality, both in appearance and to the touch. The Rough Paste, on the other hand, is a bestseller, whilst the Rough Clay works wonders on short, fine and thinning hair, roughing up the texture to provide body and hold. Similarly, the Powder Grip enables even the most silky-smooth hair to take on enough grip to not only create volume from the root but also to hold its shape in a much more natural way than something such as hairspray would. Finally, the Align 12 Smoothing Lotion is essential pre-heat styling to protect the hair from damage inflicted by blow-dryers or straighteners, all of which can cause major cumulative damage to the hair shaft.

Redken Texture Rough Paste 12, 75ml

Redken Velvet Gelatine 07, 100ml

Redken Rough Clay 20, 50ml

Redken Align 12, 150ml

Redken Texture Powder Grip 03, 7g


by Thomas Marrington

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